Who is Matt?

Being born in 1986 as the son of two Artists, Matt has soon discovered and trained his talent for building detailed dioramas.

For the past 18 years, Matt has strived to turn the Miniature Hobby into a true Form of Art. Although he does seem like an typical Architect / Urbanist, he really cares a lot about Film, Poetry, Pornography, Art, Music and Science.

Matt always tries to push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible and to find new, innovative, creative, surprising, stupid, unusual, boring and appealing ways to tell relevant and interesting stories through his narrative Dioramas. In his freetime, Matt likes to Walk around with an open mind and open pockets, swim with the Whales while counting the pool tiles (4.324) and meeting old people that can teach him a lesson or two. He likes his Tea with Brown Sugar and Milk. Also, he loves speaking about himself in the third person.