What is Matt´s Philosophy?

Matt is a strong believer in an warm-hearted and straigh forward approach in life. Life itself is way too precious to be too serious about it. After all, no one will make it out alive anyways. So why not relax, take a deep breath, make yourself comfortable, make yourself a Wig, make yourself a Coffee, Grab a Cookie, Grab your Friends, Grab your Girl, Go on a Trip, Go on Vacation, Go back to School, Go to the Loo and simply enjoy the Show as long as it lasts? Matt is fascinated by the Small things more then the big “Badaboom!!” Moments in life. He loves to observe the Creation around him and all it´s facettes, including / especially people. Understanding why something looks as it looks is the first Step (the Conscious Mind), then one can start to carry the thought around like a Baby and Think an awful lot about it (the Breeding Mind), then come up with Solutions, Inspiration, Polite Suggestions, Counter Ideas, Harsh Repulsions, Innovations, Repetitions, Stupid and Bad Ideas and everything in between (the Ingenious Mind) to start sending out signals to one´s or someone else´s Muscles (the “Do” Signal) to -finally- help a thought pain- tears- and sweatstakingly become Reality (the Oh Yeah! Stage). There are no secrets other then to learn to say Yes. To Everything. To Everyone. But first and foremost: To Yourself.